D1.1 Technology survey: Prospective and challenges - Revised version (2018)

8 Priority areas, challenges and research directions in FP7 and H2020 projects

The evolution and the state of the art in Information and Communication Technologies for Water Management can be better understood in the context of European projects that contributed to its development. The elaboration of the ICT for Water Management roadmap, which describes the main gaps and challenges that need to be addressed in the future, has been initiated by the ICT4Water consortium and achieved with the contribution of 15 EU FP7 projects (see Section 7.1) and H2020 (see Section 7.2) active or finished projects. In the sequel we present some of the objectives, approaches, models, and technologies developed in these projects. The presentation is based on the information found on projects’ home pages mentioned in this section. We also described the Open Access Initiatives for EU (see Section 7.3).