D1.2 Roadmap of the research team in SDWM

3 Progress toward excellence in the field of smart data for water

As a kind of conclusion, this section mentions the use of the Roadmap for the development of the operational plan for the duration of the project, more specific the orientation of the project activities in the directions specified by the Roadmap.

The Roadmap will determine:

  • the subjects of "Knowledge Lake";
  • the subjects of the international workshop on Cyberinfrastructure for Resource Management and
 of 3 project workshops;
  • the content of the 6 training sessions;
  • the content of the 3 summer schools;
  • the objectives of the exchange of researchers and PhD students;
  • the stakeholders to be involved in our networking activities (companies, government agencies);
  • the subjects of future projects proposals;
  • partners to future projects proposals;
  • subjects of future PhD students’ program;
  • subjects of future published papers and others.