Topic outline

  • WP1 Development of the framework for scientific strategy enforcement


    Develop and implement a suitable, stable and sustainable framework for the scientific strategy enforcement in the research field of value added, data driven e-services in water management;

    Develop a Research Quality Assurance System (RQAS) that will allow benchmarks’ setup for increasing the Composite Research Indicator and monitor its evolution in time

    Description of work The lead partner is the coordinator, UPB, assisted by all the partners in rolling out the activities and delivering the deliverable.

  • WP2 - Partnership & networking


    WP2 aims to create a link between the Romanian research group in the field of SDWM and the internationally-leading research institutions, as well as to encourage and enhance the networking of the Romanian research group with other research intensive institutions in Europe, industry specialists, public authorities, and institutions that regulate critical resource management.

    Description of work

    The lead partner of the work package is FOKUS as it has an outstanding experience in networking with research organizations, with industry, public administration and other relevant stakeholder. All the partners will contribute to the different tasks of the work package, by participating at the events and including UPB in their networks.

  • WP3 - Training


    The aim of this work-package is to organize trainings on topics related to excellence in research, that will be attended by target groups of the UPB.

    Description of work


    The lead partner for the work package is UNESCO-IHE, that will ensure a broad inter- and trans-disciplinary approach. The internationally leading partners will participate in trainings, according to their specializations.

  • WP4 - Organization of scientific events


    The aim of this work-package is to organize a series of high quality scientific events to facilitate knowledge transfer and raise the visibility of UPB at national and international level. The events will reunite: experienced and young researchers from UPB, research staff from the partnering institutions, as well as invited researchers from other bodies (universities, companies) relevant to the development of the research field.

    Description of work


    The lead partner of this work package is UNIMIB, that has very good experience in organizing scientific events and excellent results in the field of ICT for water management. All partners will be involved in this events, by preparing and presenting different topics for the events.

  • WP5 - Dissemination of Project Outcomes


    Promotion and dissemination activities are essential lines of actions towards achieving the project objectives. WP5 is dedicated to a series of actions that will encompass both dissemination activities of the project outcomes and results, and promotional activities of UPB excellence in research towards increasing UPB visibility at regional, European and international level.

    Description of work


    The lead partner is the UPB, as most of the related tasks will need local support. The participants mainly contribute with materials that will be published on the e-Knowledge environment

  • WP6 - Project management


    WP 6 is dedicated to overall co-ordination and management of the project, with the goal of ensuring overall project coherency, provide efficient management and decision making procedures, identify any problems encountered in achieving the stated project goals and put structures in place to take timely and appropriate corrective action, and finally, make a synthesis of the project results and findings. Goals will include:

    -        Ensuring effective coordination & collaboration among partners and monitoring progress

    -        Managing project implementation risks & putting necessary contingency plans in place

    -        Ensuring the fulfilment of overall project goals, within available time & budget constraints

    -        Ensuring overall quality assurance and the timely delivery of project deliverables

    -        Maintaining accurate records of cost and effort reports

    -        Maintaining regular and clear lines of communication with the Commission Services

    -        Ensuring effective coordination & collaboration between departments within the faculty, as well as with partnering institutions and monitoring progress

    -        Definition and supervision of project schedule, execution of the Action Plan and the achievement of the project goals on time and within budget

    -        Internal content management system for documents storing and flow, activity planning and reporting

    Description of work (where appropriate, broken down into tasks), lead partner and role of participants