Topic outline

  • General

  • UPB - Staff Exchange

    During 23-26.11.2016 Prof. Dr. Eng. Valentin Cristea and Prof. Dr. Eng. Florin Pop participated in a staff exchange visit in Berlin, Germany, at Fraunhofer FOKUYS.

    The purpose of the visit was an experience exchange on important subjects for project objectives accomplishment, as follows:

    • the strategy and the operational plan for enhancing research qualit;
    • knowing in detail the organizational structure of the Fraunhofer FOKUS Institute and solutions for a better organization of the Large Scale Distributed Systems laboratory from UPB
    • finding solutions to eliminate weak points in the research activity of the distributed systems laboratory
    • Horizon 2020 project proposals in collaboration with Fraunhofer FOKYS
    • discussing the operational plan of the package WP2 for the next two years
    • discussions about the organization of the Info Day event held in January 2017 in Bucharest

    • UPB - Staff Exchange

      During 08-10.02.2017, Prof. Dr. Eng. Mariana Mocanu and Prof. dr. Eng. Dan Popescu, participated in a staff exchange visit in Milano, Italy, with the following objectives:

      • plan the WP 4, for the next year and establish some benchmarks for the activity;
      • discuss the topic for the next training, if we do not conclude it in Bucharest.
      • the way of evaluating research and the impact on the career progress;
      • discuss project proposal ideas

      • UPB - PhD short term training

        During 7-11 November 2016, PhD student Trancă Dumitru-Cristian participated in a PhD short term training in Delft, at IHE Delft, International Institute for Water Education.

        Mobility objectives: Presenting objectives of a Dronar research project, exchanging information and setting the timeline of implementation and future work

        Description of tasks performed:

        • Design an architecture of a hardware system capable of monitoring water parameters and logging the data onto an SD card
        • Research possibilities of implementation – GPS modules, RTK GPS modules, water depth sensors, temperatures sensors, lightweight design techniques


        • List of components - Bill of materials used for future implementation of the project
        • Architectural Hardware design
        • Possible applications of the developed prototype
        • Schedule of implementation and future research possibilities