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KPI Deliverable has been accepted

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KPI Deliverable has been accepted
by Mariana Ionela MOCANU - Monday, 14 March 2016, 1:53 PM

Dear Partners,

I want to inform you that the final version of the KPI Deliverable - List of publications was accepted, and the publications were introduced in the  Participant Portal. 

Initially, we had an extended list of about 120 publications, for different fields of computer sciences. As it was not a clear what was expected from EU, and the upload of publications was not yet possible, I uploaded a first KPI Deliverable containing the long list, that was  accepted.

After the deadline, we got a Formal Notifications that explained what was the expected extend of the list and that we can introduce the publications in the Portal. I asked the project officer to give me the possibility to introduce another version, that's why we all got the message with the rejections of the deliverable.

The final version of the KPI deliverable and of the list of publications are now available in the "Deliverables" section.

Best wishes,