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D1.2 Roadmap of the research team in SDWM

1 Introduction

There are several Key indicators with high value for Romania, such as: “Knowledge-intensive services exports as % total service exports” - Romania ranks on the 7-th position within EU; “Share of renewable energy in gross final energy consumption” - rank 8 within EU; “New doctoral graduates per thousand population” and “License and patent revenues from abroad” rank 13 within EU. However, there are many key indicators where Romania ranks 20 or bellow (from the total 28 countries EU). A better national strategy and intensified participation in European programmes, on relevant topics, are required.

In this deliverable we highlight a short presentation of the project teams and their competences, a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) and w make a brief presentation about positioning of the research group from UPB. Then we present the roadmap and the progress toward excellence in the field of smart data for water.